Hey Guys! Welcome to It’s Simply A Lifestyle!, a blog about discovering your healthiest life by exploring connections between wellness, self care, and what you eat. Through this blog, I hope to help others put happiness back into their healthy lifestyle.


Know me a little more

I’m Deepanshi, a goofy 21 year old who loves learning and hates sitting still.

  • I am currently an undergraduate student at University of Toronto, Mississauga studying Biology for health sciences and Psychology.
  • Almond butter, Avocados, and Spinach are my
    favourite foods (#TeamHealthy)
  • I love to munch on baby snacks (and yes! they taste amazing)
  • I am an outgoing introvert ( it is a thing!)
  • I could eat dessert for every meal of the day
  • What happens between coffee and wine is what I call life
  • If you love sushi, let’s explore sushi joints together 🙂
  • I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life
  • I enjoy going to grocery stores, coloring, yoga, experimenting in my kitchen, and getting more educated on topics that would help me in my personal growth


The Meaning Behind “It’s Simply a Lifestyle”?

I started really being interested in what I was eating when I was in third year of  Undergrad. Before that, I was kind of on my own, making my own food decisions, counting calories, restricting my food choices and food quantities. For me, being healthy was all about weight. Even though I was restricting my food intake, I did not feel healthy. This opened my eyes to opportunity to figure out what my goals are.  Over the time I learned that health isn’t about “healthy” food or soy and tofu. It is about eating within the nutrition recommendations. It is about drinking half your body weight into ounces everyday. It is about going back to meal making. It is about understanding that food is more than simple energy in and energy out. It is about educating yourself about food, how it is grown, and where it is coming from. (Thanks to Professor Mant, Anthropology of Food and Nutrition). It is all about the big picture where you evaluate your entire being instead of obsessing over every little choice. Read more about my journey: A New Chapter

This blog embraces anti-diet approach, intuitive eating approach, self-compassion, self-care, and incorporates whole body holistic view of health and not just focus on calorie-counting.

“It’s Simply a lifestyle” does not focus on dieting or restricting. It focuses on liberating oneself from the prison of their mind and broadening horizons. I share hacks for health, that never involve counting calories, on the contrary, I live by eat what pleases you and your body. My suggestions involve making smarter choices and making the food like healthier by simple changes.

“Where is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time”, is the quote that I live by.  In this context it means that if you love yourself, you will put in the time and effort to take care of yourself. And once you do that, healthy living will be routine or in other words it will become a lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or medical professional. My advice comes from my personal experience.